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Airtimesharing is a partner and reseller of the world-leading connectivity and prepaid service brands. We are focused squarely on delivering international roaming and cheap international calling for the diaspora and world travelers. Tap into the convenience of paying for electricity, water and cable bills and topping up mobile and internet service for diaspora families in overseas, international non-profit or missionary field associates or on study abroad students. We carry nearly 300 brands from over 100 countries including VoIP, mobile, internet and utility services.


Calling Africa and other underserved destinations has been expensive for the longest time - we are here to help change that. In close partnership with networks in your home country and other leading low cost calling service providers, we are working hard each day to make calling home and staying in touch with your loved ones cheaper than ever. The 263number is one of such servic. It's delivering unheard of calling rates to all of Southern Africa and beyond

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World Traveler

Why let your smartphone cease to be "smart" the minute your leave your home country? If you travel the world and need to stay connected on the web and voice, then our WorldTravel SIM card is for you. It’s the SIM card that delivers voice and data roaming in over 190 countries while savings you over 85% in roaming costs compared to traditional roaming services from your mobile carrier.

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Your international workforce or missionaries typically travel and work in some of the most hard to reach places – but you still need to keep them in touch with home office. Using our mobile airtime and data top up services, you keep your team well supplied with the airtime their desperately need. Our latest product the WorldSMART SIM is designed with your team in mind. Learn more about this SIM card that deliver data roaming in over 120 countries.

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Agents & Affiliates

Are you running a paper voucher airtime vending business? Our agent productivity platform allows resellers of mobile airtime to sell pinless airtime with or without access to the internet. If you run another type of business contact us to learn more about our affiliate program which allows you to earn cash when you leverage your existing business. It's a value add for your clients and extra income for your businesss. The program is simple and completely handsfree for you – we do all the heavy lifting. Contact us today. Get started today.

Maybe there is a digital product that you wish you could sell but need a platform to host it to make that happen. Contact us – we can help.

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Small business

Are high communication costs draining your small home country business? We have a solution. Contact us to learn how you can manage communcation costs between you and your team and the business overall.

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