Why get a WorldNumber?

With WorldNumbers it's like you live everywhere. You can own as many phone numbers from as many countries as you want.

Be it a second phone number for where you live or numbers for other countries, it's your choice. WorldNumbers give you the privacy you want locally, the convenience you need when you travel abroad and cost saving for your overseas contacts when they call you on a local phone number instead of making an international call to reach you.

Second local phone number

Whether you want to announce a sale online or just want a second phone line, a WorldNumber is the answer. Keep your phone number private and use a WorldNumber as your public contact number

International travel

Stay in touch with your home contacts when you travel overseas. Contacts call a local WorldNumber, you receive calls wherever you are in the world at no extra cost to them. It's a local call

Global business

Make it convenient and cheap for international business partners to call you. Get WorldNumbers for countries you do business in and have contacts call you on those local numbers at no extra cost

Getting a WorldNumber is easy!

Sign up

Sign up for a free account or login to your existing one if you are already a customer


Log in to your account and select 'WorldNumbers' to subscribe

Receive calls!

Share your WorldNumbers with international or local contacts and start receiving "local" calls

Pick a plan that suits your needs

WorldNumbers are yours to keep for as long as you want. And there is no contract. Cancel any time.


Receive calls through the airtimesharing app

Plan is ideal when traveling overseas. You receive WorldNumber calls via our free airtimesharing app as well as make cheap international calls directly from the app. No Wi-Fi to power the app while travelling? No problem. Use our WorldTravel SIM card to power your mobile data and internet connectivity in over 190 countries.


Receive calls directly on your mobile phone or airtimesharing app

Enjoy the added convenience of receiving WorldNumber calls directly on your mobile when you are within your mobile provider's coverage area. When travelling overseas, WorldNumber calls automatically ring on the airtimesharing app. Also make cheap international calls from anywhere at super low rate using the app